Yaneth (pronounced ja-nette) is a disruptive luxury ready-to-wear label, meticulously crafted and designed in Australia. Built on the foundations of premium, natural fabrics, with a strong emphasis on the unparalleled qualities of wool, we recognise the inherent beauty and versatility of wool, a material deeply rooted in Australian heritage, and highlight a unique connection to this heritage; we are local wool growers ourselves.

Our commitment to sustainable innovation extends beyond the choice of fabric. Yaneth will introduce a ground-breaking subscription membership to exclusive customers, mirroring the fashion house-celebrity client relationship and providing a catered hire closet to be drawn and re-drawn from. We invite our members to discover the sophistication of circular consumption, allowing us to reduce production runs, minimise our footprint on the environment, and extend the life of each garment.

The limited-run collections are designed by South Australian designer Cathy Karuga, a graduate of both engineering and fashion design, who infuses the creative and functional elements of her studies into each garment. The designs are tailored to the contemporary and discerning woman whose style ethos is polished, with a sophisticated edge. We combine contrasting elements creating a world where grit meets refinement, function meets art, and fashion is a vehicle to connect like-minded, forward-thinking women. It is a freshly Australian approach to cosmopolitan style for dynamic women.